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The fact is we all wish we could have a gay slut boy and some of us wish we could be one. The gay slut boy is always the life of the party, he is the most fun to be around. He loves to dress up but also is almost always the first guy to take is clothing off. He is that guy at the beach wearing a tiny little bikini or thong when most of the other prudes are wearing funny looking baggy shorts.  He is not always considered the best boyfriend material but some of them have been known to change. He is always considered excellent orgy material. Can you be a slut boy? maybe. Are you into sex with other men? Is it important for you to have daily orgasms? A slut boy is always sexually active but that does not mean he odes not practice safe sex. Many a gay slut boy will go bareback but more of them actually practice safe sex. What is the point of not doing it safely when you know if you catch something your slut boy days might be over.

And all the men who love them.

Above are links to some of my favorite sites. I am a gay slut boy and I enjoy it. I have listed a couple of the best spandex companies, a fantastic cock ring supplier and even a male chastity company for the times my cock needs to be locked away.

When I became very bored in life, I thought it was time to go on the hunt for a gay slut boy to keep me entertained. This might make me sound like a horrible person but, in reality, there are quite a few boys in the world that genuinely enjoy having fun by entertaining someone in their same lifestyle. They want to put a smile on the face of that older man that has taken them under his wing to protect as well as play with whenever he wants. I’m one of those older men that has chosen one of these beautiful boys.

I haven’t always been someone that went around searching for a situation such as this. In the past, I always got around to having my kind of fun the normal way. Either I was in a relationship or I went to bars to pick up guys just like everyone else. Having a slut boy was something that was introduced to me by a dear friend of mine. Actually, I stumbled upon his secret quite by accident.

Usually, I’m the considerate sort and will take a couple of minutes to make a quick call to the person I’m going to be visiting. This means that I rarely just drop in on someone without any warning. On this occasion, I was already in the neighborhood when I remembered that this friend had offered to loan me a book that I had been dying to read. So I thought it would be a great idea to stop by quickly and pick up the book. What could it hurt, right? I rang the doorbell and couldn’t have been more astonished when my friend’s gay slut boy answered the door.

As I stood on the front porch gaping at him, this young man was smiling from ear to ear at me and asked me how he could help me. The reason I was gaping must be explained here because, obviously, I wouldn’t be so shocked under normal circumstances. However, this young man, who was quite lovely to look at, by the way, was standing in front of me wearing only what can be described as a golden loincloth and nothing else. I couldn’t imagine why he would be dressed that way but, then, it really wasn’t my business.

Just as I was trying to sort out what to say to the slut boy, my friend appeared at the door looking a little flustered that I had happened upon his secret. He shooed the boy away and then asked him if I wanted to come in. At this point, I figured that’s what I needed to do if for no other reason than to sort out what was going on and to clear the air between us. I so dislike having tension between my friends and myself unless, of course, it’s the sexual kind of tension. That wasn’t what was going on here, though.

So, I went inside of his rather large and impressive house and allowed myself to be led into the den. His slut boy was nowhere in sight now, most probably having been banished back to the further recesses of the house where I could no longer gape at him. To his credit, my friend did have the book set aside and waiting for me on the coffee table and had the presence of mind to hand it to me. Then, he started to explain about his companion.

At first, I attempted to stop him because it really wasn’t any business of mine. But he insisted on telling me everything because he said that our situations in life were rather similar and that I may be able to find his experience useful in my own life. His boy had come about because he was a very busy man and had no time to spend properly nurturing a true relationship. The fact that he still had normal physical needs sent him on an endless quest for men that were also only looking for something very temporary, as in one night stands. This, however, was also very unfulfilling and left him feeling more like a predator than anything else. That’s when he hit on the idea of engaging a young man to live with him. The difference here is that this young man would be a paid companion. He would be well-paid to keep the house clean, cook meals, do laundry and keep my friend sexually happy.

Yes, the gay slut was close to the male version of a concubine. On the other hand, he was also much more than just a sexual companion. The young man that my friend finally located for this position is also well-read, has an impressive IQ, speaks several languages fluently, and can converse intelligently on subjects of all types. He’s the perfect companion for anyone, but particularly, for my friend. You see, he does a great deal of traveling and this young man goes with him acting as his translator as well as his travel agent. While the man is well paid for everything that he does, it’s worth every penny to my friend because he keeps his life in order and doesn’t require explanations if my friend is late coming home in the evening.

This slut boy was starting to sound more and more like someone I would love to have in my own home. I, too, was a very busy man, much like my friend. It was next to impossible for me to maintain a successful romantic relationship and the sexual only ones just didn’t do it for me. Now, while my friend and his companion weren’t “in love” with each other in the conventional sense, they did share a deep caring for one another as well as a pretty strong physical attraction to each other.

Obviously, this wasn’t the answer for all men such as us, but it was certainly worth looking into getting a slut of my own to see if it could change my life as much as it had for my friend. Not only did he pay this young man handsomely, but he also bought him clothing and other items that he liked to see him dressed in. My friend’s favorite website to shop for his companion is called Koalaswim.com. It’s a specialty menswear site that sells designer clothing and various items for extraordinary men. While my friend often went to this website to choose something special for his companion, many times he allowed the young man to go there and select items that he personally liked.

This boy was perfect, and now I wanted one of my own. Of course, I wasn’t going to admit that I wanted someone like this in my life. My friend might think that I was stealing his idea. Besides, also like my friend, I would not want others to know that I was doing this sort of thing in my life. I told him that he was very innovative to have come up with an idea of this nature and that I was quite flattered and appreciative that he chose to share it with me. In addition, I assured him that his secret would be safe with me. As I was leaving, I noticed that the slut boy was peering at me through a crack in the doorway. Apparently, he was nearly as curious about me as I was about him.

I pondered the idea of having a paid companion as I drove home. It made a lot of sense in many ways, and it didn’t need to be something that was embarrassing. Actually, no one needed to know that the boy was being paid to live with my friend and serve as a companion in all ways. They could simply appear as one of those couples with a significant age difference. That sort of thing happened all the time and no one thought twice about it. Yes, it seemed that a slut boy would be the answer to all of my issues as well.  Now, just to be able to find one as perfect as that of my friend was the dilemma.

When I got home, I looked around on the Internet a bit in search of any information that might make my hunt for a paid companion any simpler. I truly didn’t want to hit the bars and nightclubs hoping to find someone appropriate. Neither did I want to advertise for such a position because you just really didn’t know who you were letting into your home these days. While I found plenty of hits for a slut , none of them were of the nature that I needed. So, I would have to come up with a plan to find just the perfect young man.

The problem with me coming up with this plan is that it seemed next to impossible to do in reality. That’s most likely why I was still fumbling around with the whole idea. It seemed that I would now see my friend and his companion out all the time. Before, I never saw the two of the together. Maybe since I knew of his secret, he didn’t feel the need to avoid me when he and his gay slut boy were out and about. Either way, I found myself to be a bit jealous of what he had with this young man. The more I saw them together the more I wanted that in my life.

One night I was at one of my favorite bars having a drink when my friend and his companion came in. They saw me and headed straight for me. As we sat and talked and drank together, I had to admit that I was having a wonderful time. It also made me want my own companion even more. At one point, my friend excused himself to visit the men’s room. His gay slut leaned in toward me in a bit of a conspiratorial manner. He confided to me that a friend of his that was also in this “line of work” had recently become available. His employer had unexpectedly passed away and he was looking for another position.

I couldn’t help myself. I asked for the young man’s contact details so that I could set up an interview. It was impressive that this boy was so discreet. He had waited until my friend wasn’t with us before he even mentioned anything just in case he was mistaken about me wanting a paid companion of my own. In any event, we had wrapped up our chat about a slut boy for me. I don’t know if he and my friend had set up everything to protect my feelings, but it didn’t matter to me. Now, I could see about getting someone for myself.

To make a very long story short, I did get in touch with my friend’s companion’s friend and we had a nice long chat. I was very taken with him. He was very attractive, well-spoken, and intelligent. In addition, he was a trained chef, so I could expect gourmet meals that were also nutritious. He had also been a physical fitness trainer so that would come in handy with helping me keep in shape. Also, this gay slut boy is open to anything sexual that I want to try. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect companion. I hired him on the spot.

My young man moved in the following day. Of course, a few of my neighbors have been more than a bit curious about him, but it’s not a huge problem. We’ve decided to present him as my partner so that there aren’t any questions. After all, he is my partner in all the ways that matter. The difference is that I pay him for the pleasure. This has been the happiest time of my life, although I would never have dreamed that it could be that way. My gay slut  has made all the difference in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Once you get to Koalaswim.com, you are going to find all kinds of interesting things that any slut boy would love to wear around. Some of these designs can even be worn out in public or out on the beach for a day of slutty sun tanning, but there are some that you should keep to the privacy of your own bedroom. Several of these designs are so erotic that wearing them out in public will probably get you into a decent amount of trouble and you don’t want to have to go through anything like that.

Being a  slut boy is a tough job, but with a little effort on your part, you should be able to manage it fairly well. You don’t have to worry about what everyone might think about you, either, because you already know who you are on the inside. Anyone that thinks they are better than you are has no idea how much fun you get to have with your friends, either. They may think that you are just weird, but in reality, they are probably jealous of how much sex you are getting on a regular basis that they will never end up getting to have.

When you start wearing your gay slut boy items out in public, then people are going to start noticing what you are into. Granted, you can always wear your items under your clothing if you prefer to keep your chosen lifestyle a secret. You might be surprised, though, at how many other men around you are wearing the same items under their clothing. Most of them are probably guys that you would never think would wear anything like this, but they enjoy it just as much as you do, and that is their right to do so.

You can always take your fetish boy items with you on vacation, too. In this way, you can wear them around wherever you are and no one will know who you are, so you don’t have to keep things like this a secret. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get out there and see the world without having to worry about what your friends or neighbors might be thinking about you. Now, you can run around in some of your most erotic items and let the world know exactly what kind of guy you really are.

Deciding what kind of spandex fashions you are going to wear is something of a personal decision. Now, there are some men that will let their partners pick things out for them to wear around the house. If you don’t have a partner, then that can be tricky and you are going to need to figure out what it is you want to portray while wearing your items from Koalaswim.com. There are many different designs that you can choose from, and finding the perfect item is going to take you some time. This isn't a decision that you can just make without doing a little bit of research, after all.

There are numerous sites online that will help you understand the lifestyle of being a slut boy if you have never tried it before. Of course, most guys that are curious about living their lives in this way have already had some kind of experience that allowed them a peek into this world. Granted, that peek might not have shown you too much at first. If you are still curious, there are ways of finding out more to see if you are really ready to live your life out like this.

This type of a fetish isn't something that you can just try out once in a while. Being a gay man takes a lot of will power on your part, and if you aren't ready for everything it entails, then you might not be happy with the decision you have made. The good news is that there are plenty of forums online that you can venture into to find out exactly what to expect and how much fun you can have at the same time. The guys there are also willing to help you out with any questions you might have in regards to this lifestyle change.

Most guys that live in the gay slut sissy world have always felt that it was appropriate for them to act this way. Deep down inside they always felt that this type of lifestyle was exactly what they needed in order to really feel alive. They may not have known how to go about starting their new lifestyle, but they always knew that it was the only lifestyle that could ever make them happy and that is very important. If you aren't happy, then there really isn't any reason to continue down the same path after all.

If you are happy with being a slut boy, then there is nothing in this world that can bring you down. The smartest guys in the world are the ones that know what they like and live their lives accordingly. You may be tempted to keep things like this a secret from everyone you know, but how would you ever fulfill your role in life if no one knew about your fetish? It's difficult to be a slut by yourself, so you need to let some people know in order to have the best fetish life available.

When it comes to wearing your fetish man items to work, you might find that that sexy feeling you get will stay with you all day long. Of course, this can cause some men to get behind in their work because all they can concentrate on is what they are wearing. You may want to try out some of the more modest fetish wear from Koalaswim.com to see how it is going to affect your job before you start wearing the really hardcore items to work. You don’t want to lose your job because of the things you are wearing under your clothes.

Wearing your spandex items to work can distract you at times, but there are plenty of guys around that can wear just about anything and it won't distract them at all. Of course, it takes a very special guy to be able to wear some of the items from Koalaswim.com and not be distracted by them even in the slightest way. These items are so sexy and comfortable that it would be hard not to be distracted by them even if you were falling from a plane.

Being distracted while wearing your slut designs from Koalaswim.com is not the intention of the designer. You are supposed to feel as sexy as you can possibly feel while wearing items like this and have as much fun as you can possibly have. If you are getting too distracted, then you aren't getting enough fun in your life while wearing them and you need to do things to rectify that. Maybe you should start looking around for private parties where you can be as slutty as you want without having to worry about the consequences.

One thing you should be aware of if this is your first time in the gay sissy world; there are going to be quite a few people that don’t understand why you would want to live your life this way. Most people never even consider that they can be happy as a slut boy or that something like that even exists in this day and age. These people have no idea what being happy is all about, either, and that is a problem that they won't be able to fix until they give Koalaswim.com a chance to show them how great their life could end up being.

How many times have you even heard the term gay slut in a conversation or an article online? You shouldn’t feel bad if the answer to that question is “never.” A lot of guys out there have never heard of this lifestyle fetish and wouldn’t understand it even if they did. You, of course, have heard about it or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. Because you have heard about it, you have become curious and, thus, the reason you are looking to understand the concept even more.

Being curious about the gay slut boy lifestyle is nothing to be ashamed of no matter what other people might tell you. There are plenty of things in this world that guys have become curious about and, after finding out exactly what it is all about, they have found that it changed their lives for the better. This is just another one of those aspects of life that could change the way you look at yourself and, usually, for the better. If you are willing to give it a shot, then you might find a new reason to wake up in the morning and go about your daily routine.

The good news is that Koalaswim.com takes your love of being a slut to heart and wants you to have everything that you need to have fun and explore your sexuality with. They know that you may not have the money that other sites want you to have to pay for their items, so they keep their prices as low as they possibly can while still maintaining the highest of quality in their products. In this way, you won't be embarrassed when you are with your partner because your slutty item decided to give its life up and fall apart.

A lot of guys think that by paying more for their sissy slut items, they are getting a higher quality, but that just isn't true. Sure, you can get really good quality when looking for a new car if you have more money, but when looking for a car you aren’t looking for something that you can wear around in your bedroom to make your partner wild. Because you are looking for something that you probably won't be wearing all day long, even though you can, then you won't have to pay a higher price to get good quality.

Everyone is having financial issues these days and that is no different with guys that love the sissy slut boy lifestyle. With the world economic crisis in full force, it seems like everyone is trying to save as much money as they possibly can, and there is no better way of saving money and getting what you want than going to Koalaswim.com to order your items. It may seem a bit odd to most guys that you can pay less and get more for your money than ever before, but that is how Koalaswim.com works with their customers.

Most guys are a bit shy when it comes to dealing with strangers and their need to purchase hot slut boy items. They don’t want to be judged in regards to what they are wearing for fun and, because of this, a lot of men will refuse to go into an adult store and purchase anything. Of course, having someone you know see you walking out of one of these stores is even worse than having to deal with the person that is running the cash register. That is why you should be going to sites like Koalaswim.com and ordering everything online.

By ordering your hot slut boy online, you get to bypass anyone ever finding out what you are into unless you let them know yourself. Your package will arrive at your home and in that way no one sees you walking out of an adult clothing store. See how easy it is to keep your fetish a secret? You won't have to worry about nosey neighbors finding out what you are purchasing and you get a much wider selection to choose from since it's being shipped from a warehouse rather than sitting on a store shelf.

Whatever reason you have for purchasing your gay slut  items online, you need to make sure that the site you are using is reputable and has your best interest at heart. You see, most other sites that you’ll find online that would sell you items like this are only worried about getting your money and nothing else. In fact, there is a good chance that you won't even get what they are showing on their websites. Plenty of men have received something that wasn’t even close to what they ordered, but there is nothing they can do about it.

Koalaswim.com uses real models to show off their gay slut  items so that you know exactly what you are getting and how it is meant to fit when you put it on. This is much better than other sites that only give you a picture of the item on a background with no reference to how it is supposed to fit. Then, when it finally arrives at your home, you have no clue as to how to put it on and wear it so that you can get the full enjoyment out of it. This is a very big problem and Koalaswim.com does everything in their power to solve it for you.

Of course, the main reason for you to know about Koalaswim.com and their selection of slut boy items is in the fun and excitement that you can have with them. This isn't your ordinary fetish wear, either. This is something that is so completely different from what you are used to wearing that it will blow your mind the second you put it on. You definitely have to at least try it out before deciding you aren't going to like wearing it, though. There is nothing else like it on the market; that is for sure.

Nothing about fetish boy items is ordinary by any stretch of the imagination. There are some designs that will make you wonder what you are getting yourself into and there are some others that will have you wondering why you haven’t been wearing them all along. The choice in the designs you wear is up to you, but for any guy that is new at this lifestyle, he should probably go with something that is less conspicuous at first and work his way up to the more advanced options.

If you aren't new to the happy boy lifestyle, then going for the more advanced options is probably second nature by now. Just make sure that you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself into. Some of the designs at Koalaswim.com are extremely advanced, and if you have the slightest doubt in what you are ordering, then they will probably be a bit uncomfortable the first time you put them on. This is natural for all guys that start wearing something new. Just remember that you will eventually get used to it the more you wear it.

Wearing happy boy items around your home when you first get them is a very important aspect of breaking them in and making sure that you ordered the right thing. You don’t want to throw them on and head out the door only to find out that what you are wearing under your clothing is slowly becoming more uncomfortable with every step you take. This is the wrong approach to wearing things like this and will generally make you wonder why you ever decided to purchase that particular item. If you are at home and wearing them, you can adjust yourself without people staring and help wear them in the right way.

You may not know very many slut boy fetish guys in your local area right now, but once you start delving into this type of a lifestyle, you will start meeting more and more guys that are in the same boat as you. This is a well-kept secret among guys that love this type of fetish and you can't really break into that underground world until you have accepted this lifestyle as your own. Once you do, you are going to find out that there are all kinds of guys out there that love the same things you do.

While most men will not openly admit to being a part of the  boy lifestyle, going to private parties wearing your Koalaswim.com items will generally have you accepted into this world by others. Then, you will end up being invited to even more parties and meeting more guys that think living as a  boy is one of the best things that has ever happened to them. It may sound a bit odd to men that aren't involved in this fetish, but it happens more than you might think.

There is nothing quite as sexy as a guy that acknowledges they are in love with the sissy boy lifestyle and willing to go all out in order to show it. Of course, you have to be careful of where you decide to go all out. Some people don’t want to see you walking around in your new sissy boy items, and that means you have to watch where you are going and what you are wearing in public. Of course, if you are wearing them under your clothes, then there shouldn’t be much of a problem with where you are wearing them and who you might be around. The main thing you have to worry about is how much fun you are going to be having while you are wearing them.

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Not only will the Changed Man give you a great tan line while you are wearing it on the beach or tanning bed, but you can slip this baby on underneath a skirt and hit the town as the feminized slut you know you are. No one is going to realize you are a man when you are wearing something like this, and there is a good chance that by wearing the Changed Man, you are going to forget you are a man as well. If you want to truly feel what it means to be feminized to the point of no return, then pick up the Changed Man from Koalaswim.com right now.

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